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yummmia said: keeping that in my inbox 4 eves

Anonymous said: Pls use your sc and post good music 😭

LOL. I’ll have to get a pro account, or just repost. But ok anon, anything for you bae <3

I get a boner when I smell you; it’s weird.





Somebody gif this.

let me tell you why this is important :

dude doesn’t even know the other dude, but he felt the disrespect from where he was at and just REACTED to it so naturally. Like he felt so disrespect on the behalf of the OTHER dude that he knocked this dumbass the fuck out cold.

Thats some NYC black solidarity shit , I see this all the time… young,old,tall,fat,short…what ever! Don’t fuck with us for no reason, you can get it from Rico down the block or Granny walking up behind you! Lol

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“hey im emotionally unstable and not good at texting do u wanna date me”

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You know they got you when you hit up your friends, excited to talk about what you and her just talked about.